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The foundation of a disease-free life has 2 essential components -

  1. Complete Digestion - Of course it is better to eat properly but, a poor diet that is completely digested is better for you than a good diet that isn't. Why?
    Because undigested food becomes toxic and begins poisoning the body!
  2. A Strong Immune System - Pills can't cure anything but your immune system can... if it is functioning properly.

These two building blocks must be in place before you hope to reap the full rewards of other things that you can do to achieve and maintain good health. Ignore these and at best, you'll be wasting money... at worst, you're literally be courting disaster!

How long we live is certainly important and living without disease is probably going to maximize that number.  But think how great it would be to maximize the quality as well as the quantity.

Do the right thing nutritionally and you can have it all.

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