Support for small businesses since 1984
Managed support services for small business - Since 1984

...helping people prevent problems with technology since 1984

If you've been in business more than a few months, you probably already know that...

when your computer stops working, you are virtually out of business, right?

So you definitely want to know a good tech but...

we think it's better to keep problems from happening!

Like Ben Franklin said... "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

...absolute certainty about the safety and future of your business.

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About Us

Guardian Partners is the division of Global Concepts that specializes in managing services for small businesses... everything from preventive computer maintenance to data security and even premium quality phones.
Founded in 1984, Global Concepts started out as an international consulting firm and, over the next 30 years, evolved into the highly specialized, managed service provider it is today.


"Lou Smith is a superior technology management adviser and problem solver who helps his clients quickly get to the heart of a matter, understand a range of options to address it, and when a course of action is agreed, execute it on time, on budget and with excellent results. His attention to training and support after the systems or solutions are delivered, is a key element of Lou's success. He is always willing to go the extra miles in service, follow up and support, ensuring that the work at hand not only solves the immediate problem, but that it helps the clients reach their long term goals. Lou's talent and wisdom extends beyond technology to provide thoughtful business insights and perspective to his clients."

-- Peggy Willett, Senior Director, Corporate Communications Getty Images --

“Lou brings intense focus and persistence to business, often creating unique opportunities out of what many perceive as impossible barriers.
The work he has done has often served as a model for the future.”

-- Vivian Castleberry, retired newspaper editor, author and historian --